Team Xecuter's Hyperdrive lets you hook up HDs to your PS3

Team Xecuter -- known internally within Sony and Microsoft as public enemy #1 -- has created a peripheral which enables users to connect 3.5-inch SATA hard drives to their PS3. The peripheral, which has been codenamed the "Hyperdrive," lets users hook up external drives with capacities of up to 750GB, and thanks to the included USB 2.0 support, users will be able to dump data to and from the unit using their PC. On the surface, these kinds of activities are relatively innocent -- even if they will inevitably be the motivation behind the nextfirmware patch -- but Team Xecuter also claims to be close to discovering a way of storing and booting entire games from the PS3's hard drive. Personally we can't think of anything more convenient than storing our game collection on one massive SATA drive, but as many will no doubt agree, this kind of activity is a legal gray area. Proponents will say "it's only for backing up my games" and opponents will say "this enables piracy," but we'll let you decide which side to take. As always, we ain't going there.

[Via Maxconsole]