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Reader WoWspace of the week: Crumbs

Krystalle Voecks
Krystalle Voecks|July 16, 2007 7:17 PM

This week's Reader WoWspace was sent in by Crumbs, who has managed to fit twice the geeky goodness and a whole lot of desk space into one nifty corner of his office. As Crumbs told us here at WoW Insider, he had been playing a Hunter "forever" but when Burning Crusade came out, he decided to make the jump to a new character. He has since switched to a L70 Draenei Priest named Chilee of the guild <Epitome> on the Thrall server that he's been enjoying raiding with.

For more cool pictures and details of Crumbs' WoWspace, check out the information after the jump!

We were lucky enough to get a great description from Crumbs about the details of his WoWspace:
I work in computer animation so I have a pretty good computer, as I work from home sometimes. It's a Dell workstation with dual Xeon / 3GB ram. When I got the 24"-wide LCD monitor I found that the nVidia Quadro card I had couldn't run 1920x1200 with all the graphic options turned up. So I got an nVidia 7900 and it runs WoW with all options maxed at 60fps. The video card gets really hot though so I had to add fans on the back and front of the case.

The white/beige PC on the left is a basic PC for surfing and it's also my "TIVO" with a cable/video card in it to capture TV shows. One day I noticed an option in the resolution settings for the 19"-wide LCD that showed the monitor turned vertical. I tried it out and have used it ever since for web browsing. 1050x1680 is great for almost all web pages. The screen real estate is better utilized, and you can see further down most web pages. Sitting on top of the two PCs are a printer and Firewire HD enclosure for moving files to and from work.

I tend to get bored while farming so I have a TV there as well. It's to the right of the computer monitor and set back a bit. The secondary PC records TV shows and plays them back on the TV. Or I can watch DVDs and live television.

This is all set in my study/office room. The desk is actually two corner desks together to make the semi-circle sitting area. There's lots of desk space for junk and it's all right around you when you sit in the chair. In the wide shot you can see I put gutters underneath the desk for the wires. I did this after my dog chewed through a network cable that was out on the ground. Now there are no wires on the ground or anywhere a little puppy mouth could get around it. My next goal is to clean and hide all the wires running behind the monitors. They were all hidden behind bulky CRTs before I got the fancy LCDs. Now they really stand out on an otherwise clean desk.
I know compared to my WoWspace, that's a really nice straightforward area with lots of clear desk to spread out on. And I really like the idea of pushing two corner desks together to make a u-shaped command center for gaming in.

If you'd like to show off your WoWspace, snap some pictures, toss together your information about your rig, gaming space, and characters, and mail them to us. You never know -- your gaming space might be featured next!