Peter Moore resigns from Microsoft, replaced by Don Mattrick

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Peter Moore resigns from Microsoft, replaced by Don Mattrick
Microsoft has announced the resignation of Peter Moore, current corporate vice president of the company's Interactive Entertainment Business. Moore will be replaced by former EA president Don Mattrick, who will become senior vice president of IEB on July 30. Mattrick joined Microsoft in February as a "strategic adviser."

Moore will remain with Microsoft through August, and then will return to his old stomping grounds in Northern California to begin a new, unspecified job in the games industry. Earlier today, 1UP cited a rumor that Moore was headed to EA Sports.

The rumor has been confirmed. Moore will leave Microsoft in order to return his family to the Bay Area and head EA Sports.

Joystiq has a scheduled call with Microsoft later today. We'll bring you updates as they become available. Details here: Robbie Bach & Don Mattrick talk to Joystiq
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