[Updated] Jeff Bell asks message board user: "And your contribution to society is ... what?"

Jared Rea
J. Rea|07.18.07

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Jared Rea
July 18th, 2007
[Updated] Jeff Bell asks message board user: "And your contribution to society is ... what?"
Think twice before you start slingin' bombs towards Microsoft's corporate VP of global marketing, Jeff Bell. He might just show up on your message board and troll you right back.

That's what happened to NeoGAF user "a Master Ninja." Having heckled Bell amidst the Peter Moore departure, he awoke this morning to find a personal message in his inbox direct from Bell, proposing a curious question.

"And your contribution to society is ... what?"

The account, "bell801," was quickly linked to Microsoft's token white guy by both the community itself and the moderators of NeoGAF, confirming the account as registered to Bell's official Microsoft email address. "A Master Ninja" still hasn't said what his contribution to society is, but he has put forth a challenge to Jeff Bell to any Xbox Live Arcade game of his choosing.

For the sake of your recently revoked ghetto pass, Jeff. Do it.

[Update - NeoGAF administrator, Tyler Malka, has responded to the situation with an apology, stating "What happened in the Jeff Bell thread was a mistake and has been dealt with. I hope that NeoGAF can continue to be a community where gaming industry members wanting to remain anonymous can feel safe posting without "trusted sources" confirming their identities."]
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