Sony's dark-side: the ICF-C1IP alarm clock and ZS-S2IP boombox iPod docks

What started as a begrudging trickle of iPod accessories from Sony has turned a steady flow. Meet the new ICF-C1IP iPod Dock Clock Radio and ZS-S2IP iPod Dock Boombox. The radio (available in black or white) brings a wireless remote for control of the iPod, radio, and volume functions with a dual-alarm function and adjustable brightness control. Oh, and that giant square in the center which apparently serves no purpose? That's an overengineered "adjustable backstop mechanism" meant to ensure a snug fit of the iPod when docked. The Boombox features a retractable dock tray when going iPod-less with a digital AM/FM tuner and CD player supporting CD-R/RW media. Wireless remote and battery power? Yup, that too. Both rigs are priced at $100 beans and ready for retail sometime in August. Read-on for a glimpse of the boombox in repose.