Apple patent attack 2: iPod karaoke, iPod remote

It looks like Apple is on a roll with its latest round patent applications. Hot on the heels of the recently seen illuminated touchpad and Home on iPod filings, comes two new applications that should have only the fiercest of fanboys excited. First up is a technology which the Cupertino camp calls "Dynamic lyrics display for portable media devices," or as we would describe it -- karaoke on your iPod. Nothing really groundbreaking here: obviously lyrics would be displayed while you belted out your favorite Pat Benatar song, which is pretty unexciting and definitely unoriginal. Patent number two seems a bit more promising, as it addresses the possibility of using your iPod or other "portable media player" as a wireless remote for your PC or media center, thus allowing you easier access to your Best of the 80's collection. Of course, this would require a wireless iPod, which doesn't exist, although we understand those new iPhone things have some kind of wireless capability...

[Via Unwired View]

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