Saitek unveils Cyborg Rumble Gamepad, Headset for PC

Saitek, the creator of quite a few sexy PC peripherals, has apparently unveiled a duo of new PC accessories that take styling cues from console counterparts. While hardcore FPS gamers have long yearned for a mouse / keyboard combo for their disadvantaged consoles, Saitek could be hoping that the same mantra will prove true in reverse, and has introduced the Cyborg Rumble Gamepad and Cyborg Headset in order to give PC gamers a solid alternative to the age-old WASD method. The standout feature on the gamepad is its Precision Control mode that reportedly "allows gamers to select the sticks and buttons on the controller that, when the mode is activated, are desensitized so as to allow for the most precision." As for the headset (shown after the break), it boasts a "5.1 surround setup" and includes a trio of drivers in each ear, and while we wish pricing and availability details were already disclosed, it looks like we'll all be playing the wait-and-see game on Saitek's latest pair.