Microsoft by the numbers: Xbox down $1.9bn, sells over 1m Zunes, still $3bn richer

Oh sure, Microsoft is kind of bummed about a few things. It just posted a $1.9 billion loss ($1.2bn coming from Q406, when it started dealing with the red ring of death) and its head of Xbox, Peter Moore, just took off (or was fired); the Zune may be a bit of a laggard, selling just 1.2m units in the course of ten months (compare to Apple's brisk iPhone sales, thought to be between 500k - 1m or more in just a few days), and the fact that "Vista is doing ok, but it isn't blowing the doors off," according to one Microsoft-trading stock manager. Still, Microsoft's bottom line ain't nothing to scoff at: profit is up 7.3%, with the company taking in $3.04 billion over $51.1 billion in sales in its last financial. These figures are boring to some, we're sure, but there's something kind of fun knowing that Redmond could probably afford to buy the world's beaches at $1 per grain of sand.

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