Getting your sword dirty in Dragon Quest Swords

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Getting your sword dirty in Dragon Quest Swords
Siliconera has gotten their hands on a Japanese copy of Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. In taking the game for a spin, they carefully document the beginning portions of the game and let us all know what to expect from the upcoming Square Enix title.

First, navigation sounds like it will be a pain. Unlike most 3D titles, you will not have analog control over your character, instead requiring you to move as if you're "walking around in Resident Evil 1." Ouch, that's not very good. Also, when navigating the enemy-infested areas, the game goes semi on-rails. There's two strikes.

Battling seems to add lots of flavor, though. In describing the many formations of enemies and their own distinctive attacks, as well as the art of blocking, we've found the thing that offsets the lack of navigational freedom, in our eyes. Seriously, it could probably get repetitive after a bit (we're just speculating here, having never played the game), but overall it looks to be very fun.

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