Guildwatch: A good healer is hard to find

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|07.24.07

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Mike Schramm
July 24, 2007 7:30 PM
Guildwatch: A good healer is hard to find

Maybe it's just because Karazhan is full of undead, but it seems like healers are in dire need by guilds these days-- used to be that tanks were hard to find, but now almost everybody needs more healers-- holy Priests and Pallies, and resto Shamans and Druids. If you can cast a healing spell, we need you!

Guildwatch is your weekly look at drama, downed, and recruiting notices from all over the realms, in both the US and the EU. For this week's glance at guild turmoil and triumph, hit the link below. And to send your own info in, just drop a line to!
  • Followup: Wildly Inept Raiding of Earthen Ring-A, which we featured in this space a while ago is apparently back on track and farming Karazhan with three teams plus two teams of alts making strong progress. So I guess it goes to show that an iron hand works well, even if you don't have a Powerpoint presentation.
  • A "drama bomb" dropped on Scion of Malfurion-A, according to our tipster: when they decided to switch from rolling on loot to a DKP system, the GM apparently raised a fuss-- because he was late to the raids, the system would have put him at a disadvantage, but when they tried to offer him extra DKP for raidleading, he said he didn't "want anything that favors me." They eventually went with a Loot Council, because, as our tipster says, there's no better way to gear yourself than to be on a loot council, and as it is now, Scion is apparently on the way down-- in a twist on most drama, it's the officers who are being selfish with the gear, not the members.
  • We're not ones to report on trolling on the forums, but we'll make an exception this time-- Saudukar from Frostwolf has started up a guild with no apparent intent except to get people angry at him. Good times. And just in case that's not enough (and admittedly it is not much), here's some real trolling by another Frostwolf dude named Sergey. Ah, the forums-- can't live with them, can't delete them all.
  • Lilyth writes in with a question about guild drama: what percentage of endgame guilds has officers who abuse their power? Of course that's a hard one to answer, because no one knows what all the guilds are like, but I tend to think the perception of abuse is pretty high, not because all GMs are jerks, but in every large endgame guild, there are so many officers that you're bound to have at least one jerk. People (all of us, myself included) get a big head when given even the smallest amount of power, even if it's nonexistent power in an online videogame. So do people abuse the power? Yes. Does it matter? Nope-- it's just a game. If someone's being a jerk, either kick them out of the guild or /gquit and move on.
  • And finally, here's a really good bit of juicy drama: Tinkerfind, the GM of Gamma Terra on EU Khadgar, reportedly ninja-ed the entire guild bank just to get his epic mount. He bought the mount a few days after hitting 70, and right at that time, the guild bank dropped out of sight-- Tink says he just has to update the database, but after many updates, the bank is still missing, and Tink is still flying around at epic mount speed. When they ask him about it, he just shrugs off questions-- our anonymous tipster says it's pretty clear the GM cashed out the bank for mount money.
  • Ascension of Whisperwind-A dropped Gruul for a few T4 pieces-- great!
  • Modus Operandi on Sentinels-A finished off Netherspite, and with that, Karazhan. And then later in the week they also trounced High King Maulgar, and gave Gruul a very stern look.
  • Incendria on Trollbane EU finished off the Prince, and say it's an extra achievement because they are open and casual. Gruul is next!
  • Dawn of Damnation on Quel'dorei finished off Kazzak for a server first. They're also LFM-- Warlocks, resto Shamans, resto Druids, and a Rogue and Priest (holy).
  • Exalted on Scarlet Crusade-A did something I haven't heard about before-- they were farming Kara for a while when they decided to split up into two groups, and on their first night out, both groups cleared Kara. Not too shabby. High King is also downed, and Gruul is next.
  • Ordo Domus on Earthen Ring-A has dropped Gruul. Magtheridon, you're on notice! Away, you mindless parasites! Your blood is theirs!
  • Lucidity on Thorium Brotherhood-A finished off Netherspite and Nightbane.
  • Relentless of Gorefiend killed off Gruul the Dragon Killer. And don't think the dragons don't appreciate it-- they do.
  • Deaths Embrace on Anvilmar-A is farming Kara and Gruul and heading towards SSC and TK. They're looking for a good bear and a shadow Priest or two.
  • Tempest on Eldre'thelas-A is seeking Warlocks and caster DPS for Magtheridon and beyond.
  • Darkfriends on Boulderfist-H have killed Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, and the Opera Event, and now they want to do more: they're seeking all classes for casual raiding.
  • Optimistic Nihilists on Thrall are looking for Druids (Feral and Resto) along with resto Shammies and some Holy Priests. They also think they're a shoo-in for Best Guild Name this week, but they didn't count on us hearing from...
  • JFK is AFK on Terenas-A (who, yes, win the Best Guild Name award this week) need raiders to fill out their 25 man group, especially prot Warriors. Bonus: you can go with them to Kara, which they've already got on farm.
  • Dreamscape on EU Draenor are looking for Rogues, Warriors, and Druids to fill out a Karazhan group.
  • Dawnbreakers on Silver Hand are farming Gruul and Karazhan, and looking for a few more: a healer, a Warlock, and a DPS Warrior and an Enhancement Shaman. Wait-- an Enhancement Shammy? No one's ever asked for that before!
  • The Legion of Elders on EU Anachronus are recruiting players 35+ for raids, chat, and lots of fun.
  • Souls of the Damned on Rexxar-H is LFM to fill out even more Kara groups, and beyond. They're full up on Rogues and Warriors, but they're especially seeking healers and ranged DPS.
That's it for this week's GW. Next week, we'll have more drama, downed, and raiding (and maybe we'll come up with something special for Blizzcon). is the address to send those tips to! Until then, happy raiding!
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