Harrison: Hardware revision 'not out of the question'

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David Hinkle
July 24th, 2007
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Harrison: Hardware revision 'not out of the question'
Nintendo's SVP of Marketing and Corporate Communications, George Harrison, conducted an interview with GameDaily during E3 where he spoke on a number of subjects (seriously, this interview is long). What we were interested in hearing from the interview, however, was talk of a Wii revision to the hardware in the works. George, in expert fashion, manages to provide an "answer" to the question without really answering it.

George doesn't completely dash our hopes of a bigger, badder Wii, though (we'd like more space to save our VC games, please!), stating "whenever we feel like it's time or have an upgrade, we'll do it, whether it's an improved screen for the handheld or slimmed down like the DS Lite – those types of things. So it's not out of the question on Wii, but we're not even to our second holiday yet, so it's kind of premature to talk about any revisions to the hardware itself." So, by that logic, we'll see a new Wii in 2009?
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