Shane Kim: RE5 was 360's 'big announcement' at keynote

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This story about Shane Kim, VP of Microsoft Game Studios, has to be prefaced by saying this is one of those moments where you totally want to take the guy out for a drink afterward and, in your best Jeff Bell ghetto voice, say, "Tough break, my brotha'. You'll show 'em next time."

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Kim – who should honestly know much better – was evidently unaware that Resident Evil 5 was announced for the Xbox 360 two years ago. Peep part of the cringe-inducing (though not nearly Jamie Kennedy bad) exchange after the break.

Kim: Yeah, but here's the thing: I think one of the most important, subtle announcements at the Xbox 360 briefing is that Resident Evil is coming to Xbox 360. Yes, it's from Capcom, who's been a great supporter of us.

GI: But we knew that two years ago.

Kim: What?

GI: Resident Evil. It was shown at TGS two years ago.

Kim: No, but coming to Xbox 360.

GI: Yeah. It was at the press event.

Kim: I don't think so.

GI: I'm positive. I was there.

Kim: Really?

GI: It was shown at both press conferences.

Kim: That RE5 was coming to...?

GI: Yep.

Kim: I'm going to have to confirm that. That was supposed to be the big announcement. Anyway, my point there though is that every major Japanese publisher is supporting the Xbox 360. ...

Awkward! Kim quickly changes the topic after that. While we kinda feel for the guy, it does help explain why Microsoft thought we'd be surprised by anything at their press conference ... although the HDMI-equipped 20GB Halo 3 Xbox still makes us wonder about future iterations of the console with HDMI installed. Considering the RE5 trailer was also part of Sony's presentation, maybe we should call Jack Tretton and ask him if he was surprised by it being on the PS3?

[Via X3F]
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