Replica H3 plasma rifles have overheat feature

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Replica H3 plasma rifles have overheat feature
Jasman Toys announced back in February that they were creating a line of Halo 3 toys -- with laser tag abilities -- based on the Covenant plasma rifle, plasma pistol, and energy sword. They have announced today that these new toys will be unveiled at the San Diego Comic which begins tomorrow. The company has also revealed that the replica weapons -- not to be confused with those weapons from Master Replicas -- will include several features in order to give them an authentic look and feel. For example, should you "overheat" the plasma rifle, the sides will open -- just as they do in the game -- in order to allow the excess "heat" to vent. We hope this functionality is applied to the plasma pistol as well. Jasman also revealed the expected prices for the plasma rifle and pistol. The rifle will retail for $119.99 (ouch) and the pistol will cost $79.99 (ouch again). Both will be available in October. The sword won't be available until 2008 and (thankfully) has yet to be priced. Hopefully, we'll get to see these in action as Microsoft brings Comic-Con home.

[Thanks, Michael Valentine]
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