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Twitching frog server gets called "art"

Twitching frog server gets called "art"
Joshua Topolsky
Joshua Topolsky|July 25, 2007 11:09 PM

Similar to the previously seen Text-o-possum, someone's bad art project has spread, virus-like, to the internet, where we have to be subjected to its heavy-handed proclamations on the role of technology in modern society. This time it's "Experiments in Galvanism", a tiny server embedded in a dead frog, submerged in mineral oil, which is remotely made to twitch via Galvanism (the contraction of a muscle when stimulated by electric current). Of course, the piece's creator Garnet Hertz has a little more going for him than the Text-o-possum's architect. Firstly, besides the fact that the frog is dead, it actually does have a kind of server inside of it, and secondly, Garnet has managed to convince other people that he's put together something legitimately special -- which is half the trick of art, really. If you've been looking for something to wax philosophical over, hit the read link.

[Via Wired]
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