PSP Fan Art Fridays: MGS 2 Raiden

Updated ·1 min read

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With a Metal Gear Solid 2 graphic novel coming to PSP, it seemed appropriate to feature MGS2's hero in fan art form. It's good to see some original Raiden fan art, since there is likely to be many Johnny come lately Raiden fans after MGS4 is released. This work was done by Imson, and very nicely displays Raiden's profeciency with a blade. If only Kojima would have made it so you got the sword earlier in the game, it was a blast to play with. Imson also keeps the hexagonal background theme that is so familiar to the Metal Gear series. Finally, it's great to see the sword trail, and dust kick up. It really gives the piece a sense of action. If you enjoy this fan art as much as we do, check out Imson's deviantART page to see his other fan art. That, or you can let Imson know what you think of the art in our comments section.