Shuttle intros barebones XPC Glamor Series SN68SG

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Shuttle intros barebones XPC Glamor Series SN68SG
They may not stray far from their tried and true design, but the folks at Shuttle sure seem to be keeping up a steady pace with their barebones PC, to which they've now added the AMD-based XPC Glamor Series SN68SG. Designed around the NVIDIA GeForce 7025/630a chipset, this one will support the latest AMD AM2 multi-core processors, along with up to 4GB of RAM, and some SATA2 or eSATA hard drives of your choosing. While you won't get 10 USB ports like some Shuttle systems, you will get an ample six, along with a pair of Firewire ports. No word on price, but we wouldn't expect it to put too much of a hurt on your bank account.

[Via PCLaunches]
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