More Bomberman Live costumes and levels coming

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More Bomberman Live costumes and levels coming

A Hudson representative on has apparently confirmed that more costumes and maps are coming to XBLA's Bomberman Live. This shouldn't really be a surprise as images released by Hudson show levels and costumes not currently available in the game. No word on release date or price.

Our relationship with Bomberman Live has been a little love/hate. Although the game brings the multiplayer experience of Bomberman fantastically into your living room -- without the need of "real friends" -- there are some serious "what were they thinking" moments. At the top of that list is at the end of rounds having every player press A to continue, which ends up being a jerk magnet. It's like Catan and Carcassonne not having an auto-boot after a player times-out their turn three times in a row -- although those titles are still the most civilized on XBLA. Also, the lobby system in Bomberman and game selection is trés clunky and was definitely not designed for the Bomberman newb. We're definitely looking forward to the A button patch and some other fixes that are allegedly in the works for Bomberman Live.

[Thanks AnOffday, Via X3F]

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