Flow gets a website

The much-hyped (and little-used-- it's still in private beta) FTP client Flow has gotten a website, complete with a feature list, and some interesting screencasts about how the app will let you let Flow work with a browser, transfer files (remember that, the only thing FTP clients used to do?), and even edit and preview files on the fly.

I have to admit that it all looks pretty nifty (the Dropmarks system sounds cool-- drag a file to a bookmark icon, and it'll send that file out for you, complete with a tiny dialogue), but there's not a lot here that might yet lure me away from just using Cyberduck for free. The editor is probably the biggest draw, but even then, I can't yet see anything here that I can't really accomplish using some combo of TextMate and Transmit.

Still, can't judge a book by its cover, and can't just an editor without actually using it. Flow is still in private beta, with a release upcoming.

Thanks, Sebastiaan!