Dungeon Maker: Rune Factory with a Magic Shovel?

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|08.03.07

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Eric Caoili
August 3rd, 2007
Dungeon Maker: Rune Factory with a Magic Shovel?

We've held our celebrating arms up in the air for several days now since we heard about Dungeon Maker coming to the DS. Checking out Famitsu's latest preview of the game, however, has us slowly lowering them, glancing around the office in embarrassment.

It's not the "kiddie-fied" art style that bothers us -- on the contrary, we much prefer the new look over the PSP version's generic feel -- nor is it Global A Entertainment's decision to tone down the ARPG's difficulty; the cause of our concern is that the game looks a little too much like Rune Factory.

Only one of the game's screenshots seems to indicate any sort of farming activity, but that's enough to make us worry. Its title, Dungeon Maker: Mahou no Shovel to Chiisa na Yuusha (Dungeon Maker: Little Hero with a Magic Shovel), doesn't put our minds at ease either. Isn't its primary gimmick, making dungeons, enough? Do we really need another sword-and-ploughshare title?

Dungeon Maker for the DS hits Japanese stores this October 25th. You can flip through those scanned pages of Famitsu after the post break.

Click the resized images for the full versions.

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