Sirius Stiletto 2, Sportster SP5 on the horizon?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.03.07

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Sirius Stiletto 2, Sportster SP5 on the horizon?
Now that the fiasco that surrounded the first Stiletto has died down, it's about time we focused on version two. During this week's earnings call, Sirius' President of Operations and Sales, Jim Meyer, reportedly stated that the company was "preparing for the launch of some new aftermarket products, including a new wearable product, Stiletto 2, and a new Sportser SP5." Furthermore, he added that "more details" would be doled out "next month," and suggested that the Stiletto 2 in particular may hit shelves sometime "this fall." Aside from that, no further details regarding size, capacity, or feature changes have been divulged, but according to Jim, the wait for more dirt shouldn't be too awfully long.
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