All about industry analysts on Bonus Round

Jared Rea
J. Rea|08.06.07

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Everyone's favorite Wedbush-Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter, joins IDC's Billy Pidgeon for this weeks episode of Bonus Round, focusing on video game analysts. Throughout their interview with Geoff Keighley, one thing is made abundantly clear: they're not doing their job for us, the players, but for the serious investors out there.

That said, the question that seems to pop up every time their comments filter their way through the media is, "Why should we listen to them in the first place?"

Michael Pachter says, "Nobody should listen to me on my opinion about anything." That would be a legendary quote right there, but Pachter continues, "... Except whether one of the companies I cover is going to meet or miss an earnings estimate and how they're going to perform going forward." Curses. You win this round, Pachter! Insightful as well as educational, it's another episode of Bonus Round worth checking out.
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