Motorola intros MOTOMAGX mobile Linux platform

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.07.07

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Motorola intros MOTOMAGX mobile Linux platform
On the same day that Palm names Wind River Systems as its preferred Linux provider, Motorola has gone and unveiled a new mobile Linux platform of its own. The "next-generation" MOTOMAGX package is supposed to "lay the foundation to deliver new levels of openness, flexibility, and support for third-party applications on Motorola mobile devices." Notably, Moto also stated that up to 60-percent of its handsets would be based on Linux "in the next few years," and announced that the MOTOROKR Z6 and RAZR2 V8 mobiles would be the first two based on the platform. Best of all, developers interested in creating applications for the MOTOMAGX platform using Java ME can get their hands dirty today by downloading the corresponding MOTODEV Studio, and be on the lookout for WebUI and "native Linux plug-ins" to be available to "select" individuals by the end of Q4.
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