Popular Virtual Console games, according to the Wii Shop Channel

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Popular Virtual Console games, according to the Wii Shop Channel

One of the most interesting new features of the newly-updated Wii firmware is the ability to see a list of popular Virtual Console games for your region. Now that there's a decent number of Virtual Console games, we can imagine having a hard time making a selection. Siliconera's Spencer Yip has provided both the Japanese top 20 (left) and the US top 20 (right) for comparison.

We don't know exactly how the popularity of these games is determined. As Spencer mused, "It's not clear if these games are popular because they are the top selling Virtual Console games, most browsed games this month or most loved by the Nintendo staff (unlikely!)"

What is clear is that the list is frequently updated. We found that some of the games had shifted around from their positions on Siliconera's list. Star Fox 64 and Shining Force, for example, swapped places, and Wave Race 64 and Zelda II have replaced Kirby's Dream Course and Excitebike.

We couldn't be more excited about daily Virtual Console charts! Even if they show a disappointing lack of Devil's Crush on both sides.

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