Ninja Gaiden Sigma DLC coming to Europe, Japan

Ross Miller
R. Miller|08.09.07

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Ninja Gaiden Sigma DLC coming to Europe, Japan
Looking for more challenge with Ninja Gaiden Sigma? Eidos, the European publisher, has announced that the first of three planned content packs will be available for download on September 6. Tecmo has also announced the packs are due out in Japan, starting with the first on August 30. All three are forms of Survival Mode, where you battle an infinite swarm of enemies.

The first one to be made available will be Weapon Master. In each of the five challenges, you will be given a limited weapon set for survival. Other packs include Speed Master and Rachel Master, each with five challenges apiece. Those packs will be released at an as-of-yet unknown later date.

The first pack in Japan will cost 315 yen (approx. US $3). No word on the pricing of the European content or if we can expect similar release dates / pricing for the US.

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