Nintendo DS slide controller add-on revealed in Japan

Recall that motion-sensing patent from the Big N just, oh, two days ago? Turns out that may have a thing or two to do with the recent slide controller accessory unveiled for the Japanese market. Bundled in with the game Slide Adventure: Mag Kid, the device plugs directly into the GBA cartridge slot of the DS / DS Lite and essentially allows you to set the handheld on a flat surface and slide around 'til your heart's content. Unfortunately, there's no dirt on whether or not this peripheral will ever be released outside of Japan (sound familiar?), but for those making their home in Tokyo, you can become the envy of us all by picking the bundle up for ¥5,800 ($49). Click on for some closer shots of the slide controller itself, and check out a videoed demonstration here.

[Via GameSpot]