Palm Foleo specification details begin to flow

As the rumored launch date of Palm's Foleo draws closer, it follows logic that the pieces would start to come together regarding the innards of this thing. Shortly after naming Wind River Systems as its preferred Linux provider, Palm is reportedly divulging details about the specifications to developers at the LinuxWorld conference. Under the hood will supposedly be goodies such as a 416MHz Intel / Marvell PXA27x processor, Marathon 2700G graphics accelerator with video output, 128MB of RAM "for holding currently running applications, and 256MB of non-volatile memory," a CompactFlash slot located behind the battery, an SD expansion slot (though some reports suggest SDHC works also), and WiFi support. Most intriguing, however, was the note that some developers at the expo were "given a unit already in its retail packaging" after attending a seminar about writing applications for the Foleo and "signing a non-disclosure agreement," which certainly leads us to believe that this gizmo will hit shelves sooner rather than later.