HealthPia's GlucoPhone gets FDA approval

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.11.07

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HealthPia's GlucoPhone gets FDA approval
While the idea of a diabetes phone is far from new, a company dubbed HealthPia is well on its way to actually delivering such a product. Reportedly, the firm has "obtained FDA approval for its patent-pending technology that integrates a blood glucose meter with a standard-issue cellphone." Interestingly, it not only allows you to send results over the air, but specially equipped mobiles will actually be fitted with a GlucoPack that enables you to test yourself as you would with any other (more traditional) meter. During last week's AADE conference, the company supposedly announced that Verizon's LG5200 would be the first to sport such technology, and for those who think this could make their lives a whole lot easier, grab your specs and hit the read link for more.

[Thanks, Clement S.]
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