Apple 24-inch aluminum iMac review roundup

Now that you've had time to watch us fool around with Apple's latest iMac and even chew on a few benchmarks, it's about time the aluminum-clad machine suffered through its own gauntlet of reviews. Overall, the response to the new 2.4GHz 24-inch iMac has been mildly positive, and while it was noted that the update is far from revolutionary, the aesthetics are undeniably sexy. Interestingly, the glossy display didn't prove to be the disaster that some folks expected, and MacWorld even stated that it was "really more of a personal preference than a design flaw." Performance wise, the hardware updates provided respectable -- albeit not life-changing -- increases, and yes, the keyboard was well regarded whilst the white Mighty Mouse now seems so "out of place." So if you've been lured into thinking that the iMac may be right as your next machine, it doesn't sound like you'll be disappointed, but do yourself the favor of peeping one up close before pulling the trigger.

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