WotLK talent speculation: Is it ever too early?

Dan O'Halloran
D. O'Halloran|08.14.07

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WotLK talent speculation: Is it ever too early?

Snuffles of Whisperwind server has used a web-based talent tree generator to speculate on WotLK druid talents. He proposes all sorts of class balance breaking goodness. A druid using these talents could probably solo Illidan. While AFK.

Digging more into this talent tree generator, I found people have built all sorts of ideal talent trees. But the most interesting ones are what people would like to see for the Wrath of Lich King Hero Class, Death Knights. Fantasy talent trees range from the overpacked to the well thought out to the one in Korean I wish I could translate.

What kind of talents would you like to see in the expansion for your class or the new Death Knight hero class?
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