AT&T leans harder on TDMA customer base

Brian White
B. White|08.15.07

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We kinda knew that AT&T was ready to start throwing the switches on its aging TDMA national network, but now the carrier is taking it to the customer with increased fees on older calling plans. Make that stiffing the customer, as those AT&T subs still using tried-and-true TDMA digital handsets on older AT&T "Blue" plans (non-GSM) are apparently now being charged $9.99 per month for sticking with those grandfathered calling and feature plans. So, if you're an "old" AT&T Wireless customer (pre-Cingular merger) using that Nokia 6160, be warned. We know some of those older plans have hard-to-beat prices for features, but AT&T really wants you off them. That, or pony up another $10 a month.
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