Denon launches USB / MIDI-equipped DN-HC4500 for digital DJs

It was close to this time last year when Denon unveiled the DN-HD2500, and now it's time for DJs the world over to get a glimpse of the DN-HC4500 Media Player and Controller. The unit itself is the firm's "first USB / MIDI audio interface designed exclusively for computer performance club and mobile DJs," and it plays nice with both Macs and PCs. Additionally, you'll find internal 24-bit processing, BU4500 drive support, a touch-sensitive jog disc, integrated displays, and a trial version of Reflex LE software. Word on the street tags this sucka with a pricetag close to £399 ($795), and while you won't be able to get your hands around it 'til next month, click on through for a few more looks.

[Via TechDigest]