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Robotic cucumber hand freaks out party goers

Robotic cucumber hand freaks out party goers
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|August 16, 2007 3:49 AM
We've got all ideas that whipping up an edible Wii (and a few controllers while you're at it) would make for a fantastic (albeit overtly geeky) shindig, but there's just something satisfying about a robotic cucumber hand that freaks out attendees that visit the snack table a tad too frequently. The creature, which was reportedly, um, prepared for an event hosted by a CMU computer scientist, primarily consisted of a number of edible parts, a servo, control arm, and a CMU Canary sensing / control platform. Truth be told, however, pictures can only explain so much, so feel free to click on through for a glimpse at this thing in action (and the entire recipe, too).

[Via CNET]

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