Crafty Wii user creates chocolate Wiimote, nunchuck

If you're even considering making a late night grocery run to stock up on post-Valentine's Day chocolate sales, hold your horses. For those who just so happened to keep the original packaging from your Wiimote and nunchuck as any true geek does, or you need a delicious excuse to run out and grab another set, you're well on your way to edible nirvana. A crafty Flickr user utilized his culinary skills along with the plastic packaging that accompanied his Wii accessories in order to make molds for Wiimote / nunchuck chocolate, which look mighty scrumptious if we may so say ourselves. While we're not experts on creating our own choco bars, it has certainly been done a time or two before, so why not indulge yourself a bit with a little calorie-packed Wiimote after a vigorous round of Wii exercise, cool?