Chocolate Xbox 360 controller gets candy console companion

What is it about video game hardware that encourages some folks to pay homage by creating detailed likenesses in the medium of chocolate? We first picked up on this peculiar "confectionery affection" back when Engadget Spanish featured a chocolate PSP as part of a contest they were running, and we recently spotted an even more intricate Chocobox 360 controller (wireless, of course). Well now we've seen a sculpted masterpiece that "takes the cake" in this nascent art, an entire chocofied Xbox 360 console that's located in Microsoft's European BeNeLux headquarters, that manages to look both entertaining and delicious at the same time. Microsoft engineers say that they are very close to producing a fully functional version of this chocolate 360, but they're being held back by a problematic power brick design- apparently the darn thing keeps melting itself on startup.

[Via Joystiq]