Alienware talks new media center, CableCARD for Hangar 18

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|08.17.07

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Alienware talks new media center, CableCARD for Hangar 18
For you malcontents out there waiting for a really, really tough media center, Alienware may be answering your call. According to reports, the gamer-targeting PC-maker will be launching an addition to its media center lineup (currently just the Hangar 18) sometime soon, and apparently the new variation will be somewhat of a heavy hitter. The upcoming, higher-end phase of the company's home entertainment line will be capable of handling two CableCARDs, will have four swappable hard drive bays (for a total of 4TB of storage), and will be available with Blu-ray and audio distribution options. In addition to the new system, Alienware has also announced that it will be offering CableCARD support for its current Hangar 18 models via an external OCUR (OpenCable Unidirectional Receiver), although the add-on will have to be installed by a professional reseller. We can only hope they'll offer an over spec'd, stylized remote to work all of this new gear.
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