Four versions of Moto's RAZR 2 compared

Brian White
B. White|08.17.07

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Four versions of Moto's RAZR 2 compared image
Four versions of Moto's RAZR 2 compared image
With the Motorola RAZR 2 set to drop on Sprint next week as the V9m, the handset will then be released on Verizon Wireless in September. No solid word on AT&T's official release date with the V9, though. How about Alltel? You'll see the V9m with them too, apparently (not sure when). Until then, PC Magazine has reviewed the plethora of differences between the RAZR 2 when it comes to these four carriers (T-Mobile to come later with the EDGE-only V8, according to reports). The review breaks down the per-carrier deets, mentioning that T-Mobile's version will run Linux while the other versions will use Moto's Synergy software platform. The phone books and web browsers are different on the CDMA variants, as well as the overall UI being starkly different on each one. Want CrystalTalk background noise suppression? It's only on AT&T's model. There are so many intricate differences on each RAZR 2 that you just gotta hate carrier branding and custom software. Use the read link below for a full smattering of all the RAZR 2 differences so far.
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