Another lawsuit claims Apple, AT&T weren't forthright about iPhone batteries

Apple and its batteries just can't seem to catch a break, eh? This go 'round, Sydney Leung has filed a class-action complaint that reportedly accuses "both Apple and AT&T of fraud in neglecting to inform potential iPhone buyers of the costs involved in maintaining a working battery for the iPhone over the course of the handset's lifespan." The angered individual and his legal team are purporting that the iPhone's battery "lasts only 300 complete charges before depleting entirely," and also argue that Apple and AT&T didn't address this issue until after customers had made their purchase. Of course, Apple specs show that the battery in question is designed to hold a full charge for between 300 and 400 cycles, while still holding a majority of that charge afterwards, so unless Mr. Leung's (and a few others, too) battery mysteriously conked out after that oh-so-critical 300th charge, we're failing to see what ground he's standing on.