MoodSwing 4 multi-status Quicksilver script has come a long way, baby

David Chartier
D. Chartier|08.17.07

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MoodSwing 4 multi-status Quicksilver script has come a long way, baby
If it seems like it was only last week that Brett Terpstra introduced his side project MoodSwing, a clever script that allows users to change their status message across multiple apps with Quicksilver - well, it was. People loved it, so Brett quickly began updating, tweaking and adding a slew of new features and services that MoodSwing could manipulate. The script is now up to v4 with a dedicated page at Brett's Circle Six Design blog, listing out all the features and supported services:
  • Supports Adium, iChat and Skype
  • Supports Twitter, Jaiku and Facebook
  • Automatic Qurling of long URLs
  • Word Count
  • Send current weather (international)
  • Send current iTunes track
  • Encryption of passwords stored in preferences
  • Easy-to-edit defaults, can be overridden by command syntax
In a surprisingly short time, MoodSwing has become an incredibly powerful Quicksilver action that can simplify the process of letting your friends across many services know what you're up to. The action is pretty easy to set up and configure to your bidding, but be sure to check out the MoodSwing page for instructions to get the ball rolling. As with so many of Brett's other excellent offerings, MoodSwing is provided as donationware, so scroll down on Brett's Downloads page and show him some appreciation.
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