PSP Fan Art Fridays: Incredible Hulk

Updated ·1 min read

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The Incredible Hulk is coming to PSP next year, but that doesn't mean we have to wait until then to see more of the green guy. Some would argue that in the above fan art by Scarlet-Dawn, we see a bit too much of him. The angular lines compliment Hulk as a subject, and we can't help but love the fear in the dog's eyes. It also seems appropriate for Hulk to show off his angry physique on the beach. He certainly would get more tail as the Hulk, than as Bruce Banner. If you dig this fan art as much as we do, check out Scarlet-Dawn's deviantART page to peruse her other fan art. That, or you can let Scarlet-Dawn know what you think of the art in our comments section.