The ITC One, a high-end HTIB

Steven Kim
S. Kim|08.19.07

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The ITC One, a high-end HTIB
ITC One from SE2The ITC One from SE2 Labs is more of a "Frankenbox" than a typical "home theater in a box". This monster will literally crush most home theater in a box solutions, weighing in at 18 x 21 x 19-inches, more than 100 pounds. SE2 has taken the guts out of high end separate components, thrown out the redundant bits, consolidated the good parts into a single thermally designed chassis, and integrated it all with a single AMX control interface. When you get yours home, you've only got one set of connections and one remote to wrestle with. What do we mean by "high end"? We mean a Vidikron scaler, Bryston surround sound processing, ICEPower amplification, a choice of HD PVR solutions (currently DirecTV, Dish and Comcast), a XBox360+HD DVD, and other home theater automation parts as options. You'll know where your $20,000 went!
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