Keeping time with Aurora and PolarClock

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.20.07

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Here's two more cool ways to figure out what time it is, because sometimes you just can't look out a window.

First off, Aurora (which we've written about in the past) is an free and easy little alarm clock that will play almost any media you've got, including any playlist in iTunes or even channels from EyeTV. There's an amazing number of options that go along with it (including setting the fade-in time and even waking your Mac from a power-off state), and with a little configuration, you can actually use it to get your Mac ready for you in the morning (one example even has the program starting up NetNewsWire for you after the alarm goes of. Pretty slick).

And second, Evan sent us a tip about PolarClock, a new screensaver from pixelbreaker. It features a visual clock (wait, aren't they all?) that consists of a number of circles rotating around each other. It's hard to explain, but the implementation looks really nice, and this one also offers a lot of customization. I'm not sure it'll replace your other clocks in terms of being easy to read, but as a screensaver, it looks good, and can be pretty functional as well. PolarClock is free, and can also be installed in widget form (or in Windows, if you happen to know someone who swings that way).

Never wonder what time it is again! As for showing up on time, that one's still up to you.

Thanks, Evan!
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