Stade de Suisse becomes "world's largest" solar stadium

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Stade de Suisse becomes "world's largest" solar stadium
Bern's Stade de Suisse stadium was already a pretty impressive example of solar power, with 7,930 solar modules soaking up the rays, but a recent addition of 2,808 more solar modules from Japan's Kyocera looks to have been enough to earn it some new bragging rights as the "world's largest stadium-integrated photovoltaic system." With the new modules up and running, the stadium now boasts an overall power output of 1,346.774 kWp, or 1,134,045 kWh per year, which is apparently the equivalent of 350 four-person households. While that's certainly impressive as far stadiums go, it's far from the largest solar power project around, some of which are even aiming to power entire cities.

[Via MetaEfficient]
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