Get equipped with autographed DS Lite

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JC Fletcher
August 23rd, 2007
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Get equipped with autographed DS Lite

One lucky fan got his black DS Lite signed by Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune at the recent New York City event, and thanks to him, another "lucky" fan will be able to buy it. Not only did Inafune scribble on the device incomprehensibly, he drew an adorable rendition of one of the series' signature enemies, the Metool/Mettaur/Hard Hat/whatever they're calling the little guy these days.

The current bid is only $50, which is a steal for any DS Lite, much less one bearing the mark of one of the most influential figures in game history. The price will no doubt change as people like us publicize this.

[Via GameSniped]
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