Geometry Wars: Waves to be PGR4 exclusive

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|08.24.07

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Geometry Wars: Waves to be PGR4 exclusive
Talking with Pro-G at the Leipzig Games Convention, Bizarre Creations confirmed that a new Geometry Wars game will be exclusively bundled with Project Gotham Racing 4. The new geometry shooter will be called Geometry Wars: Waves and will not be available on the XBLA like it's older brother Retro Evolved, instead it'll stay attached to PGR4 for the long run. Bizarre Creations also mentioned that the new Waves is based off of Retro Evolved and is not officially considered to be the next game in the series. Whatever that may entail or mean, we know that we're getting a new Geometry Wars on October 2nd. W00t!
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