TUAW Talkcast #4: Best of the week, more reader questions - available for download

The 4th edition of our new TUAW Talkcast went pretty well last night. We had a good turnout of readers joining in on the fun, and we all had a good time discussing things like imaginary iPhone feature updates, that quirky new Apple Keyboard and how well one can type on a glass display without buttons. We also fielded more questions from show participants such as Windows gaming on a Mac mini and how to truly delete images from iPhoto, and I must say: that question & answer segment is becoming one of my favorite parts of the show.

We did have a few issues with audio quality, as I think Gizmo was misbehaving a little, but I tried cleaning up as best I could. There's only so much magic software can work on quirky audio, even in Mac OS X. Since we are still navigating the TalkShoe waters however, we appreciate your patience while trying to iron out the kinks, and we'll gladly accept any advice on how to improve audio quality (though we're aware of the basics, such as using a headset instead of built-in MacBook mics, etc.).

We're also kicking around some ideas for a different day and time for the show in an effort to make it easier for more of you to join us. If you would prefer something other than 9:30 pm ET on Thursday nights, be sure to sound off in the comments.

For now though, TUAW Talkcast #4 is available for download. It clocks in at just under 37 minutes and 33.7 MB. You can pick up the 'cast from our RSS & iTunes feeds, via direct download here, or via download and streaming over at Talkshoe.