Casio's EX-Z1080 and EX-V8 compact YouTube shooters

Casio just hit us with pair of new face detecting, YouTube-ready Exilim cameras. The EX-Z1080 is little more than their 10 megapixel EX-Z1050 with a bit of their new H.264, YouTube Capture Mode sprinkled in. The EX-V8 then, bumps the ho humly reviewed EX-V7 into 8.1 megapixel territory while maintaining the 7x zoom and CCD-shift image stabilization while slapping some YouTube branding and trickery atop its existing H.264 video capabilities. Both cams will pop in September with the V8 hitting for $330 and the Z1080 demanding a cool $280. Click on through for a picture of the Z1080 in a lovely shade of purple-nurple.

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