What would the iCar be like?

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|08.30.07

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Joshua Topolsky
August 30th, 2007
What would the iCar be like?

Continuing the trend of wild Cupertino-related rumors, while simultaneously bringing to mind an old joke about Microsoft and GM, a German magazine is claiming that Apple and Volkswagen have entered into discussions over a concept vehicle to be dubbed -- you guessed it -- the iCar. If you believe what they say, the two companies are in the early stages of planning for an entire line of new VWs that would incorporate Apple-sourced designs and features. Given that we've seen the firms collaborate in the past, this isn't too far out there -- though we wouldn't go wagering on this rumor, either. As you can see below, the Engadget gang chimed in on the news, but what do you think the iCar would be like?

Ryan: "Can hit 100Mph, can't hit 100Kbps."
Evan: "The scroll wheel would be hard to steer in sharp turns."
Paul: "Give it a few weeks and you should be breaking 25Mph no sweat."
Nilay: "It only uses one kid of gas!"
Josh: "I hear it doesn't have 3G either."
Chris: "Internal combustion engines were stupid until we decided to use them."
Dante: "White."

[Via AppleInsider, image courtesy of Chris3D]

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