LG's new 5000:1 LCDs coming your way

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Paul Miller
August 30th, 2007
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LG's new 5000:1 LCDs coming your way

LG is touting its fancy new Digital Fine Contrast tech today, which gives it a new "world's highest" contrast ratio, at 5000:1. And who are we go argue with numbers like those? LG is planning to implement the tech into all of its monitors, except for the M8W, L18, L196WS and Fantasy Series. Along with the existing displays getting the DFC boost, LG has two new displays sporting the tech: the 20-inch USB-based L206WU pictured -- which showed up in the States last month -- and the 22-inch L227WT. The latter display includes Wide Color Gamut tech for showing off 100 percent of the NTSC spectrum, and a 2ms response time. The L206WU will be out globally in October, while the L227WT will hit the scene in November. No word on prices.
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