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Sony Rolly: slowed down and blowed up

Ok inspectors Engadget, here's Sony's Rolly back for an encore. We went frame-by-frame through our higher quality copy of the video to try and understand our little friend just a wee bit better. From what we can tell, this thing really moves. At first we thought maybe, just maybe we were looking at some slick animation of a static device. Not anymore, those two protruding rings provide the locomotion while each end of the egg spins freely of both the rings and that Sony branded trunk. They've also stuffed a pair of speakers into each end and covered them by those independently juddering end-caps. The device itself is very clean. A Sony logo is printed front-center; a Rolly logo 180-degrees opposite next to a small, possibly 3-button control panel; a (sometimes) illuminated blue ellipse bottom-center, and some unidentified jacks (or just a lanyard anchor, perhaps) up top. There's no display anywhere to be found. Take a look at the gallery and let us know what you think: Bluetooth speaker-bot, full blown DAP, a Sony / ZMP hookup, or something else entirely more menacing than even ATRAC?