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Sony's video download cards revealed?

Sony's video download cards revealed?
Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|September 4, 2007 7:03 AM

The Wall Street Journal -- citing "people familiar with the situation" -- claims that Sony is poised to enter video-downloading services whole-hog. Think Go!PSP, only extended with new "products and services to let users download television shows and movies" to Sony's sweet, suite of PS3s, PSPs, and Bravia televisions "similar to the way" people use the Apple ecosystem. Go!PS3, Go!Bravia, Go!Rolly? Sure, why not. Unfortunately, the WSJ piece doesn't provide any dates or any real details to speak of. Regardless, none of this comes as a surprise what with PS3s doubling as DVRs in Europe, video-capable Walkmans finally released in the US, and the looming shutdown of Sony's ATRAC-based Connect music services. Hell, Stringer already ceded portable music dominance to Apple back at the June shareholders meeting in Tokyo where he noted that Sony has "worked very hard to catch up so that in the age of video we will not suffer as much as we did in audio." We'll see. Hey Howie (sorry, Sir Howie), we hear NBC could use a new on-line storefront soon. You know, quick-wins and all.

[Via GigaOM]
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